About Us

About Us

Swaas is a proud brand of BKS Textiles Pvt Ltd, established in 1985, a manufacturer & exporter of home linens to leading brands in USA, UK , Australia and across the globe.

Swaas was established in 2012 with the motto of bringing sustainably made home décor that are on par with international trends and quality
standards to every India household.

Ever since inception, Swaas has lived up to its values of sustainability, quality, design and women empowerment.

One of the favorite adages that Swaas lives up to till today is ‘’ Think global and act local

‘’. Every Swaas product is made keeping in mind the preference of an Indian consumer and on par with international quality standards and design trends.

With Swaas ‘’ Around you always’’, you can feel the goodness, freshness, comfort and luxury in every single breath.

Swaas Showroom

This store Started in 2012  @ Tirupur Coimbatore Dist. Tamilnadu